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Safety tips for toddlers

Losing a child in the public place can be terrifying for a parent. The experience is no different for the child. It can be traumatic for both the child and parent if they get lost permanently.

Children are not aware. They have no idea what can happen if they lose track of the adults they went out with. It is entirely the parents’ responsibility to make sure the children walk back in to the home safe and sound. As parents, they have to train the children to understand what can be the implications if they get lost. Children are innocent and have no idea that getting lost may put their life at risk. In crowded places you have no idea whom to trust.

Many families take their children out to parks and play areas and fairs. Luckily most families return home with their kids. But once in a while things go wrong and the authorities are called to action. Many families have lost their child, sometimes to plain negligence.

The best thing that we can do is take precautions. While planning for steps to prevent mishaps, we must remember that children may not understand the reason behind out actions, yet we must convince them to do what we are asking them to do.

We are thankful to the police department that from time to time, they publish instructions and safety tips for parents to follow. Here are some tips to keep your child safe when in public places.

  1. Everyone should have a contact number. Teach a child above the age of four to memorize your contact number. If they can remember a rhyme, they can remember a number too. It is a must have life skill. It will help them tell the safety officer how to reach their guardians.
  2. This is another good tip – take a photo of the child the morning of the event or before leaving home. That way you will have a latest picture of them in the event of any mishap.
  3. Ask “who works here” when you take the child out to a public place. Help them identify lifeguards, officers who are in charge of the area. Show them the uniform, the radio, a name tag or belt or any form of identification that they can use. Reins For Toddlers is something you should look into; a wrist link with one end attached to the parents wrist and the other to the child.
  4. In an ideal life no one ever gets lost but in reality anything can happen. While everyone wants things to go well, we must be prepared to handle a crisis. Assume what will happen if you get separated and prepare the child to do what he should if you can’t find each other. It will help kids feel less scared and also prepare them.
  5. If you have a designated seat number with a ticket, let the child keep the ticket in his pocket. He can show this to the security guards who can usher him inside.
  6. Choose a meeting place that is easily identifiable and they can remember in the crowd.

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